Stuff and this idk what put, oh I know. Maybe I could just make it drag and draaaaaaag to fill up this empty space with nonsense, seems like a good idea to be honest. I'm quite proud of myself! I'm the best and smartest person ever! :D

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This is where you can help us by telling us about bugs, errors, typos or just anything that needs fixing. Either you can fill out the widows bellow and send it, or you can open you favorite mailing service and send a mail to reports@ocdevelopment.net.

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Stuff and this idk what put

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You can help us!

Here is where you can help us out at OCDevelopment, if you so please.

There are many different ways you can help, the easiest is simply to follow us and spread the word.
You can give feedback or report bugs on the website or any of our projects, you can watch our
videos for entertainment and also help us make a little revenue from our hard work. And, you can
always visit our downloads page if you want to check out some of our stuff for yourself.

If you're feeling generous, you can give a small donation to help us stay alive. It's not an expectation
by any means; but the option is there, and it would be a nice surprise to help us pay for necessities.
We don't waste a penny!

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